Sunday, May 1, 2011

White linen shower curtain and window tiers made from vintage tablecloths!

I love how these turned out, I never made a shower curtain before with the button holer, it was so simple I am going to be making more stuff using button holes.

There isn't much of a pattern on the shower curtain, this table cloth was the perfect size, I only had to cut about three feet off of the top. It was the perfect width, I didn't need to hem bottom or sides!

Same with the curtains, I just cut 33 inches off the bottom of the table cloth, left it the width that it was so I could have the decoration on all three sides. Hemmed the top with a little extra ruffle on the top and that's all there was to it! The are so crisp looking!

You can now see the pattern in them as I come closer. In the winter time I can put up the curtains that I had up there to begin with, and use these for the tiers along with them. Right now I am loving
the sunshine (well, I did get to enjoy the sunshine come through for one day!) that fills the room!

I got my shower curtain and two window curtains made Friday and they look so fresh and summery! I don't know why I am so intimidated by making button holes, my shower curtain took less time than the window curtains did! They both turned out so great, I'm happy! I used two beautiful old linen table cloths to make these and I still have fabric left over. The shower curtain had a large yellow stain on it but thankfully I was able to bypass it and have enough for the curtain without compromising the pattern, or have an extra seam. The window curtains are very delicate looking with the cutouts on them, I have a long strip of fabric left that could easily be made into pillow covers or table scarves. For about $15.00 I have beautiful springy shower and window treatments!

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