Wednesday, April 6, 2011

These beautiful frames get an update!

I finished my painting job that I got hired for this morning and everything turned out great. It was to paint a room, nothing decorative, but I'll take what I can get! My neighbors granddaughter loved the color though and that's all that matters! The color was "Midday", I believe and it was a beautiful yellow! Certainly made her bedroom look fresh and summery! When I got home I painted another coat of white on my master bath vanity, I'm sure it's going to take at least one more coat! It has made such a difference already! So far, so good! Good news from the ebay front! I made another 130.00 this week! So far I have made approx. $350.00 to go towards the remake fund! I haven't gone shopping lately, I need to get the painting done to see what I need. I'm flyin by the seat of my pants here folks! Painting everything in hopes that it all comes together in the end! Anyway, here are a few frames that I repainted, I have them hanging in our master bedroom. They were a navy blue with an antique finish on them but I repainted them silver with a glaze over top. The do not look as shiney as they do in these photos! If I don't like them I will repaint them:P The photos in the frames are of my husband and I when we were babies. I apologize for the room color!!! Doesn't really go does it! It too will be gone!

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