Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So this is what I've been up to for two weeks!

My bathroom needs one more coat and it will be done! It looks so nice, makes me wonder why I didn't do this sooner! Love the gray and white together! So light and bright, quite different than what we had before! It's fun taking a shower in the dark! Have to make some curtains!
So, here is what I have been busy doing the last couple of weeks!! Painting .......everything! This mirror is waiting for another coat and then some sanding and staining.
These pieces got their fresh coat of stain today and will be dry by tomorrow so I can bring them in.
Master bath mirrors, I contemplated getting new, wasn't sure how these would look painted white. We will see, jury's still out on this one!
Tin punch cupboard in the pantry was the first piece to get a white wash! I couldn't wait to get rid of the red!
My bed is half done, just primed, it will be white also! I painted the walls a light gray, and the big unpainted patch you see is where a wall cupboard hung that I couldn't get down so I painted around it until my hubby could remove it! This will be finished Thursday!
So that is where I am so far with my home redo. This isn't even everything that I have painted! This is just a taste! Anyway, it's fun and I can't wait until I put it all together!
I should have been done painting the bathroom today but I had to sneak and out and mow the lawn while the sun was out this morning! And I took advantage of the weather and got my stuff all spray painted and stained. The weather here has been so rainy and cold, you just have to do it when you have the chance!
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