Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Starting my whole house transformation!

So the transformation has begun! I mentioned in my last post that I was ready for a much needed change. What better time to make this change then now, with my blog, now I can document my changes and show you how I decorate on a dime! I have started painting a few pieces of furniture so I can get a feel of what it's going to look like! I have leftover paint that I am using of course! A painter always has tons of left-over paint around! Anyway, I took a brush to my large pewter cupboard today and a small side table that sits by my bed. Both pieces were red and I'm doing away with the red pieces, as much as I can! I painted both pieces a cream color and I will decide later how much I need to distress them. For now, I just want to live with it a while to see what my next step is. I did buy a duvet cover for my guest bedroom up stairs, I won it on ebay and should be getting here soon. The cost was $70.00 but it's the basis for the whole room, and they will go with the curtains I already have in there so I won't have to get new. Now I will know exactly what color to paint the room and what type of accessories it will need. The set is beautiful and it comes with 2 shams and a bedskirt. I bought it for the fabric, (see photo) I love the colors and the material is a cotton/linen. The set is reversible with the stripes on the other side. If I love the color as much as I think I will I may want to put it in the master bedroom, I'll wait to see what it looks like when it gets here! If there is enough material I may be able to think of something for my king-size bed. I get a little crazy when I decide to do this stuff, I almost hyper-ventilate when it comes time for a change! I LIVE to decorate! And another good thing about this time of year, it is giving me a great chance to spring clean while I'm at it! My husband is going to be in for quite a surprise when he comes home from his business trip this time! I think I'm out of control!

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