Thursday, March 31, 2011

My whole house make-over is starting in the bedrooms.

As I have stated in my past blogs I am in the process of a whole house make-over and it has been keeping me very busy. I am painting everything.................everything!

These pictures were taken shortly after we moved into this house, I couldn't find any other "before" photos for some reason, so there weren't any curtains on some of the windows yet. We had to dress in the dark!!

I decorated in a semi primitive style, I just loved the dark colors at the time and we lived with these colors in our previous home.

As you can see in the photos of my house all of my rooms are painted in very dark colors. Browns, red, navy, green and some gray. I am doing away with the heavy colors and going with creams, tans, green and a splash of red in the bedrooms. I'm not sure if I told you that I have been purging stuff and selling it on Ebay! That's how I'm funding this remake! You do remember how frugal I am, right?

In the last two weeks I have made over $3000.00 on eight items and I'm not done yet. So far I have purchased new bedding for both bedrooms on Ebay, a duvet cover, two shams, and a bed skirt for the guest bedroom (I showed a picture of the bedding in a previous blog). And for the master bedroom I  bought on a duvet cover and two shams. It's the Shabby Chic from Rachel Ashwell's collection, so I went to find a bed skirt at Target since they carry that brand, but Shabby Chic doesn't make a bed skirt long enough for my bed so....I will have to make one! I also bought some fabric to make two large decorative pillows for the master bed. Now that I have the bedding, I can start painting the rooms. I am anxious to get started, this is going to be a big job!

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