Monday, March 28, 2011

My Spring decorated fireplace!

These are the little things I found junking on Saturday! The lamp was a bonus find and it needs some repair and a fresh coat of paint but I will leave that for another day! I needed the glassware to put my candles in and the vase for my fresh tulips! I added a ribbon around the vase just to give it a little bling! I used a broach to fancy it up a bit! I was very pleased with the finished look! All the pieces....including the lamp cost me a whopping $14.00. This mirror above my fireplace is not my first to hang there. I think you need a special piece to hang above the mantle because it is the focal point and really makes the whole room. I will have to save that hunt for another time! I had a great time junking with my daughter on Saturday! Not only was I happy to have her go with me, I needed to get her out of the house so her husband could get things ready for the surprise birthday party her threw for her that night! It worked, she was shocked and pleasantly surprised! Anyway, I did have luck finding all the stuff I needed for my spring mantle! Actually I found a ton of stuff but I had to focus on what I went for and hope the stuff would be there on my next visit!

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