Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making your own Botanical Prints from you garden!

The weather here is starting to act like typical spring weather. We are getting rain now, thank goodness I got all my trees and bushes pruned last weekend! I can't wait until it gets nice, we have trees we want to get planted and I have to move a few things that I had planted previously. We landscape our yard ourselves and it's sometimes a hit or miss! If something doesn't like where we plant it the first time, we move it somewhere else! My daughter has a large flower garden in her back yard and last year we went out and cleaned it all out. It had been neglected, the house they live in belonged to her husbands grandparents, both in their 90's when they moved out and the garden needed help. After we got it all cleaned things started to grow like crazy! Amanda decided to dry a few of the plants from her flower garden and frame them for art in her family room. They turned out so pretty and now she has her flower garden hanging on her wall! This project isn't hard, she just bought matching frames and placed the flowers in them and wrote down the name of the flower and the pronunciation.

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