Thursday, March 10, 2011

A couple of little boys rooms that I painted

If you have been following my facebook page you will know that I have been feeling bad all week. I finally caught what the rest of the family had a couple of weeks ago, and it doesn't seem to want to subside! I do feel a little better today so I though I'd better get something posted before you all get tired of waiting for me! I am just posting a few pictures of some of the rooms I have painted in the past. One was for a baby boy named Austin who's father is a huge fan of Jonn Lennon, so he wanted John's art painted on his sons wall. This is my rendition of John Lennon's "Real Love" art that he created for his son Sean. The room was very tiny so we didn't want to overwhelm the space so I just painted this scene in the corner of the room so it was the first thing you saw when you entered. This mural is still there, the parent's don't have the heart to paint over it! The other photo is of my grandson Derek's wall in his room. He is a huge Monster Truck fan and also a huge fan of "Ford"! This mural takes up the whole wall in his room but it works well with the set up! This is probably one of my favorite rooms that I have done!

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