Friday, February 25, 2011

More dotted ideas!

This is such a cute idea and I did not get my idea of the dots for my workout room from this photo! I actually saw a nursery done in muted tones of dusty pinks, greens and browns done in a baby girls room some years back and the idea stuck in my mind! It was so fun that I decided to use it in my workout room. I ran across this photo while I was looking for ideas for my blog. How fun is this! This is one of the rooms that I was convinced that anyone could do! If you can use a compass to draw circles then this idea would be great for a kids room! With this idea, you could by plain, stiped, whimisical floral bedding and use the colors to paint the dots to match! You probably think I'm dot crazy but it is an easy way to a fun and creative room! If you notice the mirror is just hung with the clear plastic attachment that screw into the wall and you just add the "frame" with paint! Just paint a curvy line around the mirror and fill it in with polka dots! I just thought this was a darling idea and the only cost you have is the paint. If you choose plain or stiped bedding your child can live with for a number of years all you have to do is paint over the dots! And by that time your child will be filling his wall with posters and ideas of his own!

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