Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Ryen's room!

I promised you I would start giving you ideas on how to decorate your kids rooms, and of course it doesn't have to cost a lot of money. I have only decorated a few of my grandchildren's rooms and had a lot of input from my daughters on what they wanted. I have so much fun creating these rooms, there are just so many ideas that you can use that I can tend to get off track! That's why I will start with the very first thing you should do, pick out the bedding. This will be the tone for the whole room, you will get the style and colors that you need from the bedding. It can be whimsical or you can create something that will be easy to transition into as your child grows. The reason I'm not big on decorating with cartoon characters for instance is because it's so expected and everyone does it. There are just so many things you can do to be creative, let your imagination go, they are only kids once! If you don't have a creative bone in your body (that's what people tell me all the time!) that's where the bedding comes in handy. It will be your inspiration piece that helps you choose what colors you will need to paint the room. For instance, in this picture you can see what my daughter has chosen for her baby girls room, beautiful pinks, purples and greens. She loved the bedding and thought it would be cute to have me do some decorative painting to match it. She painted the whole room white and I went in and painted a border around the room and did some painting on the wall below her dressing area. I just bought craft paint to match the colors of the bedding and went to work. Amanda made the curtains using inexpensive checked material and sewed colored ribbon on the top to tie it to the curtain rod. And now I know you are telling me that you can't even draw a straight line, how are you suppose to do decorative painting on your childs wall! You don't have to, this room would look just as adorable if you just chose a few cute wall hangings and added a few more accessories. The reason Amanda wanted me to paint is because this room was incredibly small and you really couldn't hang stuff on the walls. That's why we decided to paint the decorations on!

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