Friday, January 7, 2011

Repurposing Old Drapes and Curtains

One of the best feelings I have is when I get a great repurposing idea! One idea that I had years ago came to me when I was looking for a shower curtain that would go with my antique decor. All the traditional shower curtains in the stores were too "bathroomy" looking and that is not what I wanted. I am very stubborn when it comes to my decorating and I also know that if I'm patient something will come to me! Then I remembered I had a pair of priscilla curtains that I absolutely loved but since I only had one pair I could no longer use them in this house. They were cream with an eyelet ruffle around the edge and they were very old fashioned looking, exactly what I wanted for my bathroom shower curtain. I simply hung them up, used the valances that went with them and hung it in the center between the two panels, tied them back and hung a plastic shower curtain liner up to protect them. I found a use for curtains that I loved but thought I would never use again. When I'm shopping in thrift stores I always find an abundance of curtains that I'm never in the market for but the material is perfect to repurpose into something else. Heavy tapestry, brocade, or linen curtain panels would make wonderfully heavy table runners, dresser scarves, pillow shams etc. And to dress them up a little just add a little decorative trim or fringe. If you are a sewer you can find many uses for this inexpensive "material"! The ideas are endless! Just make sure the curtains (fabric) that you choose is colorfast and washable before making items that will need regular cleaning!

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