Sunday, January 30, 2011

Guest bedroom is done (for now!)

Well, I finally got the room ready enough to post pictures. First off I had wanted to paint a chair rail n there to match the woodwork, (Rick will add the actual chair-rail when he does the rest of the basement). And to try and bring the color of the drape I stenciled around the top of the chair-rail. I just wanted a hint of color here because of the size of the stencil I wanted to use. Darker and it would have been way too much. I didn't have the best of luck when I went accessory shopping but that's ok. Good things come to those who wait:) I was hoping to find something in there that would be unexpected but I didn't have any luck with that! What I was looking for was an old metal or iron outdoor chair instead of the wood one. I love architectural pieces and I would love to find something that I could make a table out of for the room. And I have a window cornice that has been sitting in the garage for a year or more and was hoping to use that! I was looking for old fabric to cover the cornice with and to make pillows with to pull everything together. So everything in the room I had except for a couple of accessories and the luggage rack which was $8.00, the beautiful crocheted cover that I put on the chair was $8.00, small picture with a great saying was $2.00, and the books on the shelf were $1.00 a piece! I made a curtain to hang in the window out of a table cloth that I had. The window is an egress window and is always filthy but I needed some natural light so I decided to put up something that would let the light shine through. I made the hat boxes with what I already had. My room is ready for guests and eventually I will get the room the way I envisioned it, then I will repost pictures for you to see! When I decorate I usually know exactly what I want in a space and I am very patient about it. I won't buy just to fill a space, I have to love it. I wanted this room to be a quiet, relaxing room for my guests and I think it fits the bill!

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