Monday, January 17, 2011

Decorating a guest bedroom on a budget!

On my Dec. 27th post I promised you a bedroom makeover. We have a bedroom in the basement that our grandson slept in when he was here with us and now that he has moved out I have a nice room to decorate and use for guests! My grandson chose the paint color for the room and I did not want to repaint so I'm going to make this color work. I'm going to be decorating the room with things I already have, a few accessories that I can find at my local thrift stores and I now have a home for all the new treasures that I bought when my friends came for a visit in Nov. These are items that I had to have but didn't know where I was going to put them!!! Funny how that works isn't it!! I think you will be pleasantly surprised how inexpensive this redo will be! What you see in the pictures that I am posting now is a before photo of the room. We had the queen size bed already but I didn't have a nice bedcover for it so my daughter gave me one she no longer used. It was pure white so I just dyed it a light gray. The curtains were a pair that I already had I just wasn't sure about the color but I decided that I would just do what I could to make the colors work together! This will be interesting but FUN! I have been working this past two weeks making things and painting all my treasures I bought on our girlie trip and so far things are going well and I am having a blast doing it! I am not ready to reveal the after photo just yet, I still have some projects to finish! And I have to take a trip to the junk shop! But keep checking in, I will show you my projects as I get them done and then I will put the room all together for you and we can see what we have!

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