Friday, December 10, 2010

Using tissue paper as a temporary fix for unsightly walls!

My daughter sent me these pictures that she took during her tissue paper process. What she did was paint one section of wall, crumpled up a piece of tissue paper, and then flattened it back out and pressed it into the wet paint. She did that over all of the walls that she wanted to cover with the tissue. Press it into the corners good, being careful not to rip the paper. Once the paper get saturated with the paint it rips very easily, but it is also easy to "tear" the tissue at the edge, where the tissue needs to end. Once you tear the edge away just press it down to make sure you don't have any loose edges.

That's it, now just let it dry before giving it another coat of paint.

This is just a solution for nasty walls that you need to fix temporarily, my daughter had a young daughter and needed a quick fix.

Check out the next post to see the end won't believe how good it looks!

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