Friday, December 3, 2010

Is it a good idea to have an old piece reupholstered?

Let me just start out by saying that I thought I was going to save a ton of money by having these second hand chairs reupholstered. I had never taken a piece of furniture in to have it professionally done, so I was surprised to find how much it cost. I know that I could have just gone out and bought the chairs for what it cost to have them reupholstered. They are beautiful, very sturdy and heavy, so I guess I would have spent that much anyway.

 I bought four chairs from my favorite second hand furniture store for about $60.00 a piece, and had the two larger ones reupholstered so far. And that cost me $900.00, and when you add the 120.00 on to it they came to $510.00 each! I don't know, I rarely go into a traditional furniture store so to me I thought this was a lot of money!!

So much for being frugal............but I do have two nice chairs!

I did not take before pictures of this chair so I can only tell you that this chair was done in a country blue and mauve plaid!

I learned from the upholsterer that the only way it is cost effective to have a piece reupholstered is if it was originally a high-quality piece and the fame work is sound.

I did some investigating (because I still have two more chairs to go!) that you can do prep work yourself before taking them to the upholsterer to help save a little cash. Before you haul your chairs off to the upholsterer's shop, call him/her and ask if you could save some money on the recovering by doing a little of the work yourself. By removing the old material and the tacks and staples, something that would take him a good amount of time to do. Also ask if you should remove the material on the padding or the springs, he may want to do that himself. This is also the time to refinish anything on the piece that needs to be refinished because you don't want to do it when the chair is all done.

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