Friday, December 10, 2010

One great idea to cover unsightly walls!

Here is a really inexpensive way to cover unsightly walls whether they have cracks, water stains or torn wallpaper or outdated paneling that you just don't want to remove.

 My daughter lives in an old house that they plan on remodeling in the near future so she is very hesitant on spending a lot of money on her updates that she is making in the meantime. Her tiny half bath was so outdated with wallpaper and that white and gold "marbled" paneling that they used to use years ago. The wall paper itself was cracked and she thought she could remove it on the top half of the bathroom and paint over the paneling on the bottom half. In her attempt to remove the old wallpaper she found layers and layers that would not be worth the time, trouble and mess. Besides the fact that the wallpaper just didn't seem to end and there was no way she was going to get it all off. So, now she was stuck with a mess! So I suggested she use the tissue paper technique that I used on my little side table on the top half of her walls, it was worth a try, something had to be done. It's such an easy project and it only cost $1.00 for all the tissue wrap she got at the dollar store! Once she got the walls covered in tissue that she wanted done, she taped off the bottom half of her bathroom and painted stripes over that old "marble" paneling. The finished look is amazing, it doesn't even look like the same bathroom!

I took these pictures when she was trying to remove the wallpaper and not having any luck, this is what she was left with and didn't see any end in sight. I will have to get back to you with pictures when I get up there again. 

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