Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How to get the "worn" looking paint finish

I recently had a question on how to paint a piece of furniture so that the undercoat shows through. I have done this technque quite a few times with my own personal furniture pieces and it is very easy. You must make sure that the piece that you want to paint does not have a high gloss finish on it, whether its varnish or paint, doesn't matter, you need a pourous surface to paint on. If it is glossy just take sand paper and sand the piece down first, otherwise your paint won't stick. Clean it from all the sanding dust, I vacuum it and then wipe it down with a tack cloth. When your prep work is done, you are ready to paint. First paint the piece the base coat that you want to show through with a satin or flat paint. Let dry completely and then paint the top coat that you want the piece to actually be. This photo of a wall hanging that I am showing you was painted all red with black over it. Now there are several techniques you can use such as: crackle finish, heat process (which is what I used on this piece) or the easiest one which is this: paint a good base coat and make sure the whole piece is covered, let dry; paint the top coat once and let dry completely. Sand the piece in areas that would generally wear under normal use, if it's a dresser you would sand around each knob and the edges where you would rub against. Sand just enough for the under coat to show through, sand too much and you will take the undercoat off too. I also stain the whole piece just to give it an older look and to give it a great finish coat. Stain the whole piece, then wipe it down. Your piece should be dry enough to use in a few days when there is no sticky residue. Staining is optional, just a personal choice.

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