Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Thanksgiving table

As promised in the last blog, I will show you what I came up with for my festive Thanksgiving table. When buying a table cloth I always buy something in a neutral color that way I can use it for all occasions. I found this one at Walmart for $10.00. What makes my table look special is the "runner" I put over the top of the table cloth. Another Walmart find only it's not a runner, it's a scarf, and it only cost me $5.00! Everything else on the table was something I already had, I just went to other rooms to gather what I thought would look nice on my table. The antique looking fruit that I have in my bowl and as an accent on the plates come from Hobby Lobby and I got them after the Christmas holiday some years ago. They were 80% off the original price so I scooped up as much as I could! And the amber colored goblest were a flea market find 2 years ago and I got 8 large goblets, 8 small goblets and a pitcher for $18.00. Lets face it, I usually don't have room for such a nice table for Thanksgiving but this year since it will be just my husband and me on the actual day of Thanksgiving I thought I would make it extra special!

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