Monday, November 29, 2010

Displaying your treasures

Some of us are lucky enough to have a few special pieces from our loved ones who have passed. I was lucky to accumulate things from my grandma Olga before she passed on. This dresser means a great deal because my grandpa made it out of an old ice box. He made the drawers from fruit crates but never finished putting the rest of the drawer pulls on, I have them but I have never put them on either. You can see why I love it, it's not a pretty piece by any means but because my grandma & grandpa had no money but had 11 children to feed, he found a way to solve a problem. I bet my grandmother was thrilled with her new piece of furniture! I will treasure it always.

 Some of the smaller treasures that you may have just end up in a box of memories somewhere, never to be seen again. If you have something that means something to you, display it, somehow. I have a small area in the entry to our basement that is our little reminder of Rick's and my grandparents. I took an old frame and painted it and lightly rubbed a little gold paint on the relief areas. I then took a handkerchief that was tatted by my grandmother and another piece remnant and stuck it in the frame. It isn't a professional job, it's something I did myself but I love it. On top of the dresser I have Rick's grandma's radio (still works!! but seems a little odd when Bon Jovi comes on!!) On the radio is a tiny velvet fringed scarf and her lamp, set up exactly as she had it in her home! And I can remember my grandma sitting in her rocker as I curiously watch on as her fingers fly as she tats!

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