Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Remember that ugly little green bedside table?

Well, I finally got the bedside table finished. It was a very solid little table but it needed some work. I chose the table because it had an interesting texture to it from numerous coats of paint. It was raised in some areas and cracked in some places. The top was damaged in a small area so I decided I would just take all of the veneer off and repaint it. Well, when I tried to scrape the veneer off I gouged it in a few places making the top a real mess. So we had to replace the whole top with a perfect piece of MDF. It defeated the purpose as to why I liked the table in the first place because I no longer had that great textured top. So after we got the MDF put on I decided to use an idea I had run across to give my table top the texture that it needed. I first painted the top with a good amount of paint then I took a piece of tissue wrap, crinkled it up into a ball and then I spread it all out nice and laid it on the top of the new paint while it was still wet. I carefully positioned it to cover most of the top and then I just patted it down so that there were no more air bubbles in it. Took another piece tissue and did the same and laid it on the rest of the top. I did tear the tissue wrap along one side so I didn't have a straight seam. Patted it down and once I got it where I wanted it, I carefully painted over the tissue careful not to rip it. It gets very fragile and soggy when wet! I turned the tissue down over the ends of the table and painted it to "secure" it in place. Let it dry overnight and then I painted it again. I was elated how it turned out! Fantastic, and now I got the texture back that I wanted on my little table. I also replaced the bottom of the shelf because it was a little warped but after I painted it all and gave it a coat of stain to "age" it I have a wonderful little table that cost me $10.00 since I already had the paint, stain and MDF board!

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