Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the fun of repainting old furniture

This is an old dresser that I had gotten from a friend many years ago and it has been refinished and repainted many times to suit our needs! When I first got the dresser I refinished it because the current finish was dull and worn and it turned out to be a beautiful walnut dresser. Then I needed it for a daughters room and she chose to paint it turquoise! When she grew up and moved out of the house I decided to use the dresser for the guest bedroom but I had to get rid of the turqoise paint, but I didn't know if I wanted to repaint it or just refinish it with a nice coat of poly. Well, when I started to remove the paint I thought I would use the new heat gun that I bought (it was suppose to be much easier than the stinky refinisher that I normally use). Well, I held the gun a little too long on one of the drawers and burnt the wood and made a big dark spot. That made the decision easy whether I would leave it as it's nice walnut self or give it a shot and try my hand at the decorative painting idea. I was a little excited about painting it because I had seen a dresser in a magazine with this painting technique and I loved it. I had never done anything like this before so if it didn't turn out I would just paint it a solid color. Well, this is the result and I loved it. I've gotten a lot of great comments on it and I will never repaint it again! The dresser didn't cost me a dime except for a little time and energy it takes to refinish, paint and refinish!

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