Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Making your own mirrors

Every time I go to a flea market or garage sale I am always thinking of something that I can use to frame out a mirror. I love old frames and I love architectural pieces. I can say that all of the mirrors in our home have been made or remade out of some treasure I came across, most of the time without searching. When our home was being built I insisted that they not put any mirrors in the house because I wanted to decide what I wanted them to be old mirrors, or mirrors that Rick and I could make. We made the master bath mirrors that hang over the vanity because I knew I wanted this style but I didn't want to pay that much for them. So I studied photos on how I could recreate them and went to a discount store and bought 2 16x20 picture frames, I had the materials at home to make the decorative top of the mirrors and I used the scroll saw and cut them myself. We glued and screwed the pieces together, ordered the mirrors from the glass shop and now I have the mirrors I wanted and they only cost $30.00 plus an afternoon. Rick and I do pretty good work when we put our heads together! I also just love to find wonderful old frames and replace the glass with a mirror. The local glass shop can cut it to any size you need. I did that for our master bedroom, I was given an old architectual piece and Rick and I just built a frame around it. It hangs above my dresser in our bedroom. I bought a beautiful old frame at an auction in Shipwhewana, IN. and added a mirror, it hangs about the vanity in the guest bath. So, if you need mirrors and want something a little different just find something that you can easily stick a mirror in or get a little creative and make one! Nice way to spend a day with the hubby!!!

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