Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July Flea Market!!

This is my favorite thing to do, going to the flea market in Hartville, Ohio. I think it has one of the best I've seen and on the 3 day weekends there are over 200 vendors peddling their wares. Tomorrow my focus will be on finding something to use as a bathroom vanity in the basement. I have been looking for some time for something that is tall enough and deep enough that would hold a sink and maybe some storage underneath for towels. An old library table would be perfect because typically they are deeper than a table. I would love to have the storage area below open to house my towels and soap. I used an old dresser in our guest bathroom upstairs but the drawers are not functional. My choice since I had a linen closet built just right outside the door. I will also be looking for a small table to sit beside the guest bedroom in the basement and possibly a long narrow one to put in the weight room so I can set my fan, radio, weights etc. on. Not much room left in there so it will have to sit close to the wall and be long enough to hold everything. I usually find other treasures I can't live without also but I am getting a little pickier because my house has just about everything it needs. Anyway, I will post pictures when I get home.

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