Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flea market finds

We found the display cabinet at a garage sale for $40.00. It was painted a fire engine red so I refinished it and found a beautiful wood underneath but I did have my heart set on a painted piece so I went ahead and painted and distressed it. It holds my husband's collection of International tractors (we are from Iowa after all!) The dresser is an empire style chest and it is in need of refinishing, I just haven't taken on that task yet! It is in excellent condition other than the finish being bad. The cost was $125.00. The two chests were found at the flea market, I think they totaled $30.00. I painted the bottom one in a primitive design and the one sitting on top I just gave it a coat of water based poly. I set them in the sun room.


Well, I think I mentioned that I have to start looking for things that we will need in the basement, something to use for our bathroom vanity. I was at the flea market on Monday and I didn't find anything yet that I could use. I also went to a few second hand furniture stores and I did see some nice pieces for the bedroom but I'm going to hold off until this weekend. Memorial Day weekend is a great weekend for the flea market in my area. There are hundreds of vendors and it's my favorite time to go. I think we will go and look for a nice chest of drawers and a night stand for the bedroom in the basement. I have no doubt that I will find exactly what I need for that room. I will certainly send a picture of it when I do get something. In the mean time I am going to post a few items that I have purchased at a flea market, garage sale, junk shop or what I have bartered for.

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