Thursday, April 30, 2009

Guess I'll just have to make the curtains

When we moved into the house I needed to get curtains for all 21 windows! I wanted windows on all sides of the house just like they used to have in older homes. I found what I wanted in a catalog but the cost was $95.00 per window! There was no way I was spending $2,000.00 on cotton swags!! But I knew I had to have those curtains. So I decided I would try to make my own pattern out of large craft paper and make the swags myself. I have made simple curtains before but I have never made anything like this. I wanted them lined also so that they would withstand the sun a little better and they'd be a heavier curtain. So I set out making the pattern and buying cotton material using 50% off coupons. The coupon saved me 50% off a full cut of material so if I was buying 20 yards at 2.99 a yard then I was spending only 1.50 a yard on material. I wouldn't buy any more material unless I had a coupon. I picked a few different patterns for different rooms but I used inexpensive muslin to line them. It took me a while to finish all the curtains but the result was wonderful. I figure I spent about $2o.00 per curtain and they looked exactly like the ones for $95.00 a piece!! Since I was hanging them on the inside of the window I used a small extension rod which are very affordable too!

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