Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some of you are probably thinking this is just another decorating blog that promises big results with little money. I understand how you could have the perception because there are tons of blogs and websites out there that promise the same thing. Believe me when I tell you that you can do it on the cheap! I have been a frugal person most of my life and it isn't because I can't part with a dollar, that's not it at all. I never could bring myself to pay outlandish prices for anything because you just don't have to. My home is decorated with things I have picked up at flea markets etc. but I am frugal in all areas of my spending. Food, clothing, household goods, you name it. My husband and son-in-law are finishing the basement off in our home as we speak and they are doing it all themselves. I soon have to make the decision on how I'm going to decorate that so I will be out searching for things to put down there also. I am currently looking for a table or another piece of furniture to use as a vanity. I really dislike the factory made vanities that most home have. I will scour the second hand shops to find something that I just love. My son-in-law is going to build the bar down there also. I plan on using venetian plaster to texturize the walls and I want the rec room and bar to resemble an old English pub. Can't wait to get started on that!

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