Saturday, February 14, 2009

My first blog!!!!

This is my first blog and I am a little bit intimidated and don't know what I'm doing but here it is anyway. I am hoping to learn a lot from this and I am hoping to teach a lot to you! I don't have any sort of degree or anything above and beyond a high school diploma. I never got to live my dream of being an interior designer, I met and fell in love with my husband, thus, no career for me (not that I had any serious notions that I could possibly go to college!) Anyway, 3 daughters, 7 grandchildren and 35 years later here I am trying to find something to fill my days and maybe help some of you in these pretty rough economic times. Since I married for love and not money I learned quite a few tips over the years to be frugal but I can honestly say that I have everything that I ever wanted and it didn't even come from hard work (from me!!!) but from determination, creativity and the thrill of the idea that you can have what you want......cheaply!

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