Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My sun room/reading room:)

I have not had a whole lot of time to blog this week, I'm going to sneak one in here so you don't think I've forgotten about you:)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend, our weather here was in the 70's and we got to have our Easter egg hunt outside, which is awesome because the kids were able to run all over and enjoy the day! We ate too much, which is to be expected, and tonight we are having my husband's favorite meal of all time.....ham & bean soup. Have to get rid of that left over ham somehow!

I have been busy this week getting ready for a garage sale that my daughter is having. I took a small load of some things I purged out of the house yesterday and help her set up. I will be gone all day Friday helping her sell everything:)

I've also been working on several know I can't have just one. But, I'm not ready to share pictures of those things just yet, so I'm going to share pictures of my sun room today.

When we built this house I had visions of a sun room with windows covering all the walls but my husband had other ideas. He was apprehensive about all the windows, I think from an energy stand point. He is obsessed with that kind of thing! Anyway, it's still a sunny room and I love it, but it is still a work in progress. This room is where I put painted furniture that needs to be delivered, during the winter months anyway, and it's always full of stuff it seems. I used to love sitting in this room to read and have an afternoon cup of coffee or go through my many decorating magazines. Sometimes I refer to this room as "my" reading room.

Anyway, there are things I want to change but I've not gotten serious about it yet.

The sun has decided to come out today so my room is showered with beautiful sunlight!

This room takes a back seat to the rest of the house, I haven't gotten it the way I want it yet, but I can't quite put my finger on what it needs! What I love about it is the slip covered furniture, the natural grass rug and the bench we made. I love the old German clock that was a gift from my step father and the old mirrors, however I may have to part with the one standing in the corner. I love it though because it's ornate and it's beveled, it's just too darn heavy to hang on the wall, I bought it at one of my favorite junk shops.

As you can see I made slipcovers for the love seat and the wing back chair. This chair is one of those wing backs that I bought to reupholster. You can read the post about whether it's cost effective to have furniture professionally reupholstered HERE. I spent a lot of money getting them done and now the color is wrong:( Another reason why I will always make slipcovers!

This is what it looks like under that slipcover, the fabric is beautiful, just not the right color now.

We bought the love seat at JCPenny's when we first moved in, it's a navy blue fabric, again very nice but the wrong color. Besides, our 14 year old Jack Russel loves this couch, no doubt because she can bask in the sunlight, but to try to remove her hair from that fabric got to be too much and that's where the idea of slip covers came from!

This is the bench my husband and I made from an antique twin bed frame. You can see how we did it HERE 

This mirror was a flea market find, I love the ornate corners

I bought these lamps on eBay, they are very heavy, but I'm not sure what they are made of. They look like brass but they don't have the characteristics of brass. I like them but I'm not sure I like them this color, I have been going around and around in my head whether I should paint them. And, I can't find the right shades that do them justice. I have give up looking, it's so hard to find some that fit without taking the whole lamp!

We bought this table at the Shaker Woods Festival years ago, it's made of wormy Chestnut and my husband thought we had to have it;) I've been wanting to replace it too, but how do I break the news to him?

Patio door curtains are over the top expensive, so I took three Ikea panels (the same as the rest of the house) and sewed them together. Problem solved. We need something over these doors because the sun will fade the wood floors if left uncovered.

Again, my expensive reupholstered but now covered by a slip cover chair

The blue table belongs to my daughter, I painted it for her awhile back and I've been keeping it for her until she makes room, which hopefully will be this weekend:)

The rest of the things in this room are family heirlooms, flea and junk shop finds and didn't cost much at all.

Ikea curtains........................................$82.00 (5 1/2 pairs)
Slipcovers........approx. 40.00 total (made from drop cloths)
mirror in corner...........................................................15.00
mirror on wall..............................................................20.00
metal lamps......................................65.00 shipping included
chestnut table............................................................$165.00
small white table............................................................10.00
Bench we mad...70.00 total (for bed, foam for seat, and fabric)
Natural grass rug.............................75.00 (if I remember right:)

Total for sun room=approx. $432.00
(excluding cost of upholstered furniture)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter to you and your families!

image from

Happy Easter everyone!

 Let me leave you with a few images of Easter in the Vaudt home:)

I added a few Easter elements to my Spring mantel, some bunnies:)

I bought a few tulip plants, this time I can plant the bulbs when they are done blooming

The aroma that is coming from these Tulips is amazing!

I set these vintage pieces out every year in honor of my Mother-in-law who passed several years ago. 

The rabbits and the chicks are always sitting out at Easter, these are part of my husbands childhood memories

Along with my gourds that look like eggs

Another family heirloom that is fitting for Easter, this belonged to my husbands grandmother, so it's pretty old, I love it.

It's amazing how good you feel when you can bring fresh flowers in your home, even though we had snow on the in the beginning of the week, it felt like Spring inside my house and the tulips were just starting to bloom!

The Easter baskets are ready to be hidden for the little ones and I have plenty of eggs to fill for our annual Easter egg hunt. This year we will be hunting for them outside! Yay, it's way more fun that way!

All the other Easter treats have been shipped out to our grand kids in Iowa.

 I have been preparing our Easter feast all morning long, the smells coming from my kitchen are making me hungry! We will have ham and fresh strawberry pie along with a lot of other goodies!

 I think I'm ready to celebrate this beautiful holiday.